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E-Mail: info@sls-kunststoffprofile.de
Telefon: +49 (0) 63 91 / 92 43 0



Neue Maschinen und strategische Zertifizierungen

Der Kunststoff-Extrudierer SLS investiert in Produktion, Digitalisierung und Werkzeugbau.

The company

"From experts for experts"

With this business opportunity in mind, Hans Schmidt, Thomas Leibrock and Manfred Streck founded the company in 1985 using their initials SLS as a company name.

Since January 1, 2020, Mr. Jan Leibrock has replaced his father Thomas Leibrock on the management board. This means that, alongside Jürgen Schmidt and Marco Streck, this is now completely in the hands of the second generation.

SLS is located in an industrial estate just outside of the city of Dahn. On the 27.574 sqm site, SLS processes annually approx. 7.000 tons of material on 30 state-of-the-art extrusion lines to produce their profiles.

105 staff members - working in shifts - develop and produce:

  • solid and hollow profiles
  • Standard profiles
  • Special profiles
  • from 20 g up to 3000 g per metre
  • different colours and thermoplastics
  • from soft to hard extrusions and soft-hard coextrusion profiles.

SLS collaborates with companies in the following sectors:

  • window and facade construction
  • metal building industry
  • vehicle manufacturing industry
  • machine building industry
  • electrical industry
  • packaging industry
  • furniture industry
  • Household goods
  • insulation and thermal insulation
  • DIY sector
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