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E-Mail: info@sls-kunststoffprofile.de
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SLS: Einbaufertige Profile aus wärmefestem PVC

High-Temp PVC erweist sich als kostengünstige Alternative für die Herstellung von Kunststoffprofilen, die in der Anwendung bis 92° C dauerhaft wärmeformbeständig sein müssen.


SLS is your reliable partner when it comes to the production of hollow or solid profiles. We offer you an extensive range of high-quality profiles made with the know-how of professionals.

Here is a selection of what we can offer:

  • standard profiles
  • special profile solutions
  • from 20 g up to 3000 g per meter
  • different colours and thermoplastics
  • hard, soft or rigid and soft PVC compounds for co-extrusion applications

However, this is still not the end: We can also produce profiles with an enormous stability: if required, they can be reinforced with a glass-fibre and/or steel insert. We can also master special requirements of the electrical industry by using conductive resp. antistatic materials.

Our customers come from the following industries: window and façade, metal construction, automotive, machine building, electrical, packaging, furniture, household goods, insulation as well as from the DIY sector.

Special profiles

There are (almost) no limits to the design of customised products. Together with you we work on your ideas and develop tailor-made solutions.

Our development team is looking forward to any challenges!

We would be happy to consult you - please do not hesitate to contact us!
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